Are you eating well to stay well?

Eating well to stay well is important and one of the steps we encourage to maintaining our personal growth habits for happiness, health and wealth.

By eating all natural foods that nourish your body helps to maintain your weight and make you feel more energized. It is so much better to eat well than resort to processed foods or weight loss shakes.

It also has a direct effect on the other 4 steps (sleep, think, physical and spirit) we encourage you to develop as part of becoming the best you can be.

Some of the best foods available to feed your body with the nutrition it needs and to help you keep you at your optimal weight are:


Coconut Oil

Has been shown to reduce belly fat and increase the amount of calories burned.

Full fat yogurt

Has probiotics that improve the function of your gut. It must be full fat, as the low fat ones are full of sugar.


Are great for snacks and have been shown to help with weight loss and improve metabolic health.

Apple cider vinegar

Helps to reduce sugar spikes and in some studies shown that drinking 30ml a day can aid weight loss.


Are loaded with healthy fats and contain a lot of water and they aid the nutrient uptake of vegetables.

Beef and Chicken

Are high in protein, which is known to ward off hunger longer, this helps to ward of unnecessary snacking between meals.

Green vegetables

Are low in calories and carbohydrates and loaded with fiber, so you load up your plate without feeling guilty


are packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce inflammation and iodine, which helps your metabolism.


are high in protein and healthy fats that help you to feel full on very little calories, they are also full of nutrients to feed your body.



5 quick ways to feed your mind positively

1. Read a good book

Find a good book to read and read it. The book you can choose could be a personal growth book or a fiction book in a genre that you really like. Reading about how you can improve your life will positively feed your brain and fiction can be a great way to relax and tap into your imagination.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep rejuvenates the body and the mind. It is important to get good quality sleep because it aids healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing. It is known that sleep helps you to remember information and improves your ability to learn new things.

3. Be grateful

Writing down three things you are grateful for every morning sets up your brain to focus on the good things that will happen during the day. By being grateful you will become happier and more fulfilled and has been proven that it can help you cope better with stress and drop your heart rate.


4. Cultivate your memory

When you train your memory to remember things that you use on a daily basis, for example phone numbers, passwords etc, you help to improve thought transmissions. Relying on brain supplements such as Alpha Brain is not the best way to stretch your cerebral muscle. Like your body muscles your brain needs exercise too.

5. Do something productive

By being productive you train your brain to feel better about yourself and what you can achieve. Write a list of five things you would like to achieve each day, this can include domestic chores, and cross them off as you do them. By doing this you will feel more positive about what you do each day and positive vibes to your brain is always a good thing.